Slowmo video has people creeped out, cracking jokes

‘Creepy’ video surfaces of Royal Visit

A “creepy” video of the recent royal tour in Canada has left some viewers gobsmacked.

Kensington Palace tweeted out the short video on Saturday of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte at an outdoor children’s party in Victoria.

The family moves around in slow motion, playing with bubbles and balloons, to the sound of lagging, thumping music.

Many people posted comments describing the video as “creepy” and “morose,” while others compared it to a trailer for a horror movie.

One man urged everyone to “chill out” and suggested the video was probably uploaded at a slower speed by mistake.

The video ends with a Government of Canada logo, but Canadian Heritage was not immediately available to comment on whether it made the video and what may have gone wrong.

“We have created such happy memories for our children during this visit,” says the message on Twitter that accompanies the video titled “Thank you, Canada — Special moments from Thursday’s children’s party.”

The party was held last week for Prince William, his wife, Kate, their two children and two dozen military families at Government House.

The video shows three-year-old George squirting bubbles out of a fish-like gun while his sister Charlotte, 16 months old, tries to hug a rabbit. There are also shots of a puppeteer and a man making balloon animals.

Not so scary — until you see it in slow motion and slightly darkened.

“I feel like I just watched the trailer for the sequel to .TheShining,” responded one person.

“Reminds me of the Terminator movie when Linda Hamilton is pushing her baby in the swing before all hell breaks loose,” said another.

The jokes continued: “After watching this, I’m anxiously awaiting the terrifying sequel: George and Charlotte Return! .budgetissues?”

Others said the video twisted a happy kids’ party into a Halloween montage. Another likened it to a memoriam tribute.

The video has already made news across the pond.

The Daily Mail published a story with the headline: ‘It’s totally creepy’: A ‘dark’ slow-motion video montage of George and Charlotte at a children’s party in Canada leaves royal fans confused.”