Springbrook water service restored

Springbrook water service restored

Boil water advisory remains in effect

It was a mechanical problem that caused the fire in the pumphouse building that houses the Springbrook water system, a Red Deer County spokesperson said Thursday.

Corporate Communications manager Tyler Harke said that the day-long water service disruption ended at about suppertime on Wednesday but an Alberta Health Services boil water advisory remains in effect.

Harke said that advisories usually last for 48 hours from the time they are issued, when service is restored.

The fire, which occurred Tuesday night, resulted in the water service being shut down so that county Fire Services could deal with the fire. After that, EPCOR, which is contracted by the county to provide water service to Springbrook, went in to do repairs.

Springbrook has a population of 1,500 residents. Water service was also lost at Red Deer Airport, and industrial businesses at the airport, which is located in Springbrook, about 10 km south of Red Deer.

After the water service was restored, there was intermittent water pressure in the lines as they were being flushed.

The boil water advisory states that consumption of the water without first boiling may result in illness. All users of Springbrook water should bring water to a rolling boil boil for at least one minute prior to any consumption, including drinking, cleaning raw foods, brushing teeth, preparing infant formula or juices, making ice and handwashing dishes.

Water used for bathing, or for laundering of clothing, does not need to be boiled.

Up-to-date information about the status of the order will be available at EPCOR’s website at www.epcor.com.”

Members of the public who have health-related questions can contact Health Link at 811.