Stettler couple giving away Hawaiian vacation to most loving person in Alberta

A Stettler couple hopes to pay it forward by giving away a Hawaiian vacation to the most loving person in Alberta.

A Stettler couple hopes to pay it forward by giving away a Hawaiian vacation to the most loving person in Alberta.

Cody and Eva Borek won a five-day trip for two to Hawaii when they bought their Ford Escape from the Aspen Ford Sales dealership in Stettler on Dec. 22.

Shortly after, Cody Borek was in Chapters when he spotted a woman reading a book called The Secret to Happiness.

“It hit me when I was getting into the car,” said Borek. “The secret to happiness is a principle of just about every religion in the world. I am going to quote the Bible. The secret to happiness is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

And with that chance encounter, Borek and his wife decided to give away the free vacation to someone who is living a life that is loving, caring, forgiving and, in Borek’s opinion, represents Christ.

The couple began taking nominations for the trip through email and on a Facebook group on Christmas Day. The trip includes a stay at a five-star hotel and flights.

Borek said the winner simply has to be a good person and does not have to be Christian.

“We have been so blessed in our community,” said Borek, 23. “We are pretty lucky people. We have a lot of good in our lives. We have done our fair share of travelling.”

Borek said they want to inspire people and let people know that good people can be rewarded.

“I think it’s good to reward the people who do a good thing and to show them you are really a good person,” said Borek. “That’s what our Facebook group is about. A lot of people are not going to get to go but they are so honoured that someone would think to nominate them. It makes you feel good to be appreciated.”

Another person donated $500 to cover lunches and dinners on the trip.

So far, there have been more than 2,000 nominations from across the province. Borek said the nominations are coming in faster than they can respond but they intend to respond to every one.

In late January, the couple will narrow the number down to 20, and then down to 10 with the Aspen Ford owner, before drawing the winning name from a hat.

“There’s no way we can pick just one person with all those deserving people out there,” said Borek.

The trip dates are March 11 to 15, 2015.

Nominate someone at Free Trip to Hawaii for the Most Loving Person in Alberta on Facebook.