Students at RDC opt into Red Deer’s budget-friendly eats

Students at RDC opt into Red Deer’s budget-friendly eats

Find out how to eat on a budget in Red Deer

It’s no secret post-secondary students are often on a budget — including students at Red Deer College — and their food choices reflect just that.

On college’s main campus, Tim Hortons rules the day. RDC students Kriselle Pico and Chealsea Gerrie, often get a bagel and a drink — iced capp or a frozen lemonade.

Students find the two Tim Hortons locations on campus, rather convenient.

“It’s a quick place to grab a bite and a drink and there’s an express Tims on campus,” said Theovaughn Granjambe, a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in psychology.

Outside of the campus, students hit the Bower Place and are a fan of the variety at the food court.

For Brooklyn Hughes, a first-year Bachelor of Science student, Manchu Wok will do.

She recommends the eatery especially if you’re looking for cheap Chinese food in Red Deer.

“There are various choices and you can pick the items you want,” she said.

For her friend, Samantha Wudkevich, Jugo Juice’s smoothie and flat bread combo at the mall is a healthier option that will run you around $12.

Students who prefer to go to Red Deer restaurants have figured out a way to get their favourite meals on a budget — just look for the daily specials.

Bo’s Bar and Grill Wednesday wing night is a popular option among nursing students Sarah Benson and Nicole Nicolay.

For pasta lovers out there, Boston Pizza’s Tuesday pasta night will get you a menu pasta item for half the price, said Faythe Andrechek, a first year Bachelor of Education student at RDC.

She recommends checking out Montana’s BBQ and Bar for weekly specials.

For those indecisive moments McDonald’s is a go-to option for many students including Karn Toor, who is taking Bachelor of Commerce at Red Deer College and is originally from Edmonton.

Andrechek is a McDonald’s fan as well.

“I wish I didn’t eat out as much as I do,” she said.

For Hailey Pehl, 21, a media studies student at RDC, a six-inch cold cut combo at any Subway would satisfy hunger without putting you back financially.

The franchise runs daily specials as well, offering various menu items at a cheaper price.

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Students at RDC opt into Red Deer’s budget-friendly eats