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Thousands raised for Red Deer man who suffered compete spinal fracture

Graham Lindquist suffered complete spinal fracture, dislocated C7 vertebrae
Graham Lindquist suffered a complete spinal fracture and dislocated C7 vertebrae while on vacation in Mexico earlier this week. (Photo via GoFundMe)

More than $40,000 has been raised for a man who suffered a complete spinal fracture and dislocated C7 vertebrae earlier this week.

Graham Lindquist was injured when he jumped into a pool during a vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with his wife Chandra and some of their friends.

He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where it was determined that his injuries were too significant for that site to properly treat him. He was then relocated to a hospital in Cancun, Mexico, where he immediately underwent a six-hour surgery to stabilize his spine.

Lindquist’s doctors believe he will be confined to a wheelchair indefinitely, states a GoFundMe page that was launched this week.

“They have also indicated that Graham may suffer permanent upper body paralysis. These medical opinions have been absolutely heartbreaking to Graham’s family and friends,” said the online fundraiser.

“It is unbelievable that this could happen to such an amazing human. Graham is truly as good as it gets. He has selflessly dedicated himself to being an amazing husband, dad, step-dad, son, friend, hockey coach, and active community member.”

Lindquist will remain in the ICU in Cancun for two more weeks.

“We are hopeful he will then be transported home by air ambulance. Graham will continue to be hospitalized upon his return home.”

“There is no question that Graham’s injuries will have a significant financial impact on his family. Medical costs, adapting their home, the impact on his employment, transportation, etc.

“We are reaching out to everyone who knows and loves Graham, Chandra and their beautiful family to help lighten the significant financial burden that they will endure. Your generosity will surely help them through this incredibly difficult time.”

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