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Town of Blackfalds ‘disappointed’ with unexpected RCMP costs

Blackfalds ‘disappointed’ with unexpected RCMP costs
The Town of Blackfalds expressed concern Wednesday over unaccounted-for RCMP costs that were passed on to municipalities by the federal government. (Advocate File photo)

Blackfalds ‘disappointed’ with unexpected RCMP costs

The Town of Blackfalds has joined the growing list of communities upset with the lack of communication over downloaded RCMP costs onto municipalities.

In March, the federal budget included an element that municipalities would be expected to cover retroactive payments to the RCMP for local policing. The cost to the Town of Blackfalds associated with these retroactive payments is expected to be $255,550.09.

In a release Wednesday, the town said they were disappointed in the government’s decision.

“Although the Town of Blackfalds greatly values its relationship with the RCMP and the service that they provide to our community, we are disappointed in the process that led us to this stage that many municipalities feel left us without a voice in a decision that greatly impacts our residents, as well as those RCMP officers that work within our area,” Mayor Jamie Hoover said.

According to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, local governments were not at the table during the budget negotiations. And while cost estimates were provided to some municipalities, these turned out to be far below the final agreement’s increase over six years, with retroactive pay going back to 2017.