Tribunal rules Edmonton pharmacist harmed integrity of profession

Tribunal rules Edmonton pharmacist harmed integrity of profession

EDMONTON — An Edmonton pharmacist has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct and fined $30,000 by the Alberta College of Pharmacy.

The penalty follows a tribunal for Si Huu Nguyen, whose licence to practice has been suspended for one year.

Nguyen is the licensee of V-Can Pharmacy in Edmonton, which closed in December 2018.

The college says a third-party insurer alleged he submitted hundreds of claims worth more than $100,000 that could not be supported by matching inventory purchase records.

The insurer also alleged that he failed to co-operate with a claims audit, created false dispensing records and stored pharmacy records outside of the licensed premises without authorization.

The tribunal ruled that Nguyen’s actions harmed the integrity of the profession.

Nguyen faces a number of other college-ordered penalties.

He may not to be an owner, proprietor or licensee of a pharmacy for a period of five years and must pay approximately $56,000 to cover the cost of the investigation and hearing into his case.

He must also provide a copy of the tribunal’s written decision to the licensee of any pharmacy where he works as a pharmacist for five years and must successfully complete the college’s ethics and jurisprudence exam prior to reinstatement as a pharmacist.