(Lethbridge Police Service Facebook photo)

(Lethbridge Police Service Facebook photo)

Two Lethbridge police officers demoted for ‘abusive’ and ‘insulting’ memes

Images targeted executive officers, other officers, and society in general

THBRIDGE, Alta. — Two Lethbridge Police Service officers have been demoted for misconduct after circulating inappropriate images, including pictures of senior staff pasted onto the bodies of characters from the animated comedy film “Toy Story.”

The two officers who had previously pleaded guilty were demoted by two grades for one year at a disciplinary hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Three other officers were charged with misconduct in the matter in March.

Two of those have resigned, while the third will face the continuation of a hearing in January after pleading guilty to charges including discreditable conduct, neglect of duty, and insubordination.

The communications, which were found to be offensive and against police service policies, were described in an agreed statement of facts as “profane, abusive and insulting” and targeted executive officers, other officers, and society in general.

Last June, the Lethbridge police delivered a revamped plan to Alberta’s justice minister aimed at fixing problems that led to a threat that the service could be disbanded.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 30, 2021.