UPDATE: Unofficial municipal election results for Red Deer released

Ken Johnston received 10,873 votes to become mayor

Unofficial results of Red Deer’s 2021 municipal, and school board elections, have been released.

Results include 93 per cent of voting stations.

Samantha Rodwell, the city’s returning officer, said isolated technical issues at two advance voting stations will require a recount on Wednesday for those two stations only.

The unofficial voter turnout is 30.15 per cent with 21,548 people casting ballots. In 2017, voter turnout was 28.8 per cent.

“We’re excited by the higher voter turnout,” Rodwell said.

She said advance voting stations really took the pressure off of election day.

“We had a turnout of over 10,000 voters at advance vote which is four times the amount of people who voted at advance vote in 2017. It meant that (Monday) we processed just over 11,000 people.”

Official results will be announced at noon on Friday.

Unofficial results show Ken Johnston received 10,873 votes to become Red Deer’s new mayor.

Mayoral candidate Jeremy Richard Moore received 3,036 votes; Buck Buchanan had 2,973; Bradley James Magee had 1,946; Dwight Hickey had 875; and James Allen had 377.

Red Deerians also elected eight city councillors on Monday: Michael Dawe, 11,378; Cindy Jefferies, 10,571; Dianne Wyntjes, 8,341; Lawrence Lee, 7,798; Bruce Buruma, 6,622; Vesna Higham, 5,896; Kraymer Barnstable, 5,664; and Victor Doerksen, 5,585.

Other council candidates received the following votes: Chad Krahn, 4,886; Sadia Khan, 4,691; Dax Williams, 4,636; Janise Somer, 4,552; Jason MacDonald, 4,496; Hans Huizing, 4,402; Craig Curtis, 4,252; Sheyi Olubwale, 4,036; Graham Barclay, 3,866; Nicole (Nikki) Lydiard, 3,537; Brenda Campbell, 3,366; Sarah Harksen, 3,159; Grace Joy Engel, 2,420; Harish Ratra, 2,380; Lisa Spencer-Cook, 2,333; Calvin Campbell, 1,974; Liam Milaney, 1,533; Lindsay LaRocque, 1,301; Jozef Mihaly, 1,299; Ryan Andrew Laloge, 1,254; Matt Chapin, 858; and Stephen (Steve) Coop, 417.


Ken Johnston is Red Deer’s new mayor

Seven candidates were elected Red Deer Public School trustees: Bev Manning, 5,707; Matt Gould, 4,918; Nicole Buchanan, 4,880; Dianne Macaulay, 4,463; Cathy Peacocke, 4,449; Angela Sommers, 4,299; and Jim Watters, 4,219.

Other candiates for school board trustee received the following votes: Jaelene Tweedle, 3,901; Paul Peters, 3,674; Reg Warkentin, 3,328; Meagan Parisian, 3,146; Kari Elliott, 3,123; Nathan Davies, 2,944; Terri Grills, 2,833; Matt Chapin, 1,578; and Mark Swarek, 910.

Five candidates were elected Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools trustees in the Red Deer Area Ward: Anne Marie Watson, 3,006; Kim Pasula, 2,825; Murray Hollman, 2,777; Monique LaGrange, 2,436; and Cynthia Leyson, 2,374.

Candidate Vanessa Mariani lost with 2,109 votes.

The winning candidate for QEII Ward for the Catholic school division was Dorraine Lonsdale with 374 votes. Robert Wiens lost with 145 votes.

The winning candidate for Highway 11 Ward for the Catholic school division was Sharla Heistad with 268 votes. Fred Simoni lost with 99 votes.


Incumbents will return to Red Deer council

Red Deerians said yes when asked if the section of the Constitution enshrining the principle of equalization payments should be removed. People cast 13,349 yes votes, and 5,942 said no.

When asked if they wanted to adopt year-round Daylight Saving Time, 10,918 voters said yes, and 9,062 said no.

When voters were asked to choose three Senate candidates Pam Davidson received 7,586 votes, Erika Barootes had 6,895 and Mykhailo Martyniouk had 4,659.

Other Senate candidates received the following votes: Kelly Lorencz, 2,864; Doug A. Horner, 2,748; Ann McCormack, 2,389; Nadine R. Wellwood, 2,358; Karina Pillay, 1,852; Rick Bonnett, 1,749; Duncan Kinney, 1,664; Jeff Nielsen, 1,432; Sunil Sookram, 1,153; and Chad Jett Thunders Saunders, 942.

Official results from all Alberta voters on the Senate election and referendum questions will be calculated and confirmed by Elections Alberta at a later date.


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Election day is Sept. 20, and it’s easy to find good reasons to go cast a ballot. (Stock photo)

Election day is Sept. 20, and it’s easy to find good reasons to go cast a ballot. (Stock photo)