Veterans group lobbies complaint against man they say wore fake uniform to Remembrance Day ceremony

Veterans group lobbies complaint against man they say wore fake uniform to Remembrance Day ceremony

A formal complaint has been filed with the Red Deer RCMP against a man several veterans groups say wore a military uniform and medals he did not earn.

Bob Dale, who served in the Canadian forces for 29 years, filed a formal statement of complaint with the RCMP Monday.

The complaint outlines how the man attended a Remembrance Day service on Nov. 8 at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School dressed in a United States Marine Corp uniform.

Dale also provided the Advocate with two record searches of the United States Department of Defense manpower data centre looking for the military records the man claimed to have earned.

However, both searches using the name Peter Toth indicated he did not serve.

Dale filed the complaint representing Stolen Valour – Canada, an organization that aims to expose people posing as military personnel and veterans.

Stolen Valour – Canada doesn’t condone any violence taken against someone who wears a military uniform they did not earn.

Dale said part of the reason he did this was for the man’s safety as veterans take offence to people who have not served in the military, but say they have.

On top of the records searches yielding no results, the complaint outlines a number of inconsistencies including in the man’s discharge papers, which are characterized as “highly questionable.” The complaint also describes the man’s appearance at the ceremony as “highly inappropriate and slovenly dress.”

The complaint mentions the section of the Criminal Code of Canada that deals specifically with the unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates of either the Canadian Forces or any other navy, army or air force. The punishment for such an offence is a maximum of six months imprisonment or a $5,000 fine or both.

While there is a file, police are still in the preliminary stages of the investigation.

For Remembrance Day services, the Legion typically provides veterans to area schools for their ceremony. An investigation is underway at the Legion into the man’s service record.

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