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Walk-in clinic where Red Deer physician was attacked remembers Reynolds

Dr. Walter Reynolds moved to Red Deer from Manitoba in 2006
Village Mall Clinic where Red Deer physician Dr. Walter Reynolds was attacked has issued a statement remembering the doctor. Reynolds died in the hospital after the incident. Photo by Paul Cowley/Advocate staff

The Village Mall Clinic in Red Deer has released a statement after Dr. Walter Reynolds was attacked at the clinic Monday and taken to hospital where he later died.

RCMP responded to an assault in progress call Monday around 11:10 a.m.

Fifty-four-old Deng Mabiour has been charged with first degree murder of Reynolds.

“Our friend, Dr. Reynolds – better known to us as Walter or Wallie – moved to Canada in 2003 with his wife, Anelia,” the release on behalf of the physicians and staff at the clinic states.

The family moved from Manitoba to Red Deer in 2006 and started working at Village Mall Clinic soon after.

Walter was known for many things: he was sharp witted, a devoted husband, and an amazing dad for his two beautiful young daughters, the statement goes on to say.

“He was passionate in life. If there was a race to run, then he was there. He ran from marathons to mud races, from Sinister Seven to Spartan challenges. He would be frequently seen jogging with his wife around the neighbourhood, or sweating it out at the gym. If there was a campsite to explore, then they were there. Always exploring. Always on an adventure. Always on the move… so full of life.”

With this same energy and dedication Walter put into life, he gave to each of his patients. From the delivery room to the Hospice, he dedicated himself one hundred percent. If there was a task at work that needed to be done, he would step up to the plate.

“If a patient needed help, he walked the extra mile… and then some.

“How do you process the loss of a friend that always organized camping trips and entertainment for the kids; who made a telephone tag team to ensure tickets for everyone to attend the daddy-daughter dance?

“How do you comfort a wife whose soulmate was ripped from her?

“How do you replace a dad’s presence in the lives of two little girls’ next to the fastball field, at the swim meet, or the dance recital?

“We can’t. But with the grace of God, with the love of Jesus, and the peace of the Holy Spirit, we will take one step at a time. One day at a time.

“Our hearts goes out to Walter and Anelia’s families left behind in South Africa. We lost more than a colleague. We lost a friend. A brother. A son. A father and a husband.

“We all lost a person who lived life to the fullest.”

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