Advocate web poll suggests most support Bower Place expansion

Advocate web poll suggests most support Bower Place expansion

A majority of shoppers support an expansion to Bower Place, an Advocate poll suggests.

Conducted by the Advocate over two weeks in November, 243 out of 317 votes or 76 per cent supported a possible expansion.

Forty-six people (14 per cent) voted against a possible expansion while 28 people (roughly eight per cent) were unsure.

The City of Red Deer recently received an application to expand the east side of the mall — where the former Target store was located before it folded in 2015. The redevelopment would mean the now-vacant Target space would be demolished. If the proposed application is approved, the space would be replaced with a two-storey building.

Bower Place currently has two vacant spaces with the shut down of Sears in September.

The proposed redevelopment includes a request to include additional parking spaces on the east side of the mall.

Parking seems to be a concern for some who work at the mall like Liz Davis, sales clerk at Bamboo Pillows kiosk in the mall. She said she would like to see more parking stalls for customers which seems to be an issue during busy days such as Black Friday.

In a letter received by the Advocate, Red Deer resident Wayne Rumohr, speaks against any expansion at Bower Place. He said to use the two storey retail space sitting empty in the mall.

Advocate readers took to Advocate’s Facebook page to share their thoughts. Readers want to see a variety of stores, restaurants and recreational activities at the mall.

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