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September 11, 1930 - November 22, 2022
In Loving Memory ~
September 11, 1930 - Pine Lake, Alberta
November 22, 2022 - Calgary, Alberta

We are saddened to tell you that we have lost the last of the Penhold Bagries. Donald, much loved uncle to Wayne and Charlene, passed away peacefully at the age of 92.
Donald and his twin sister Doreen were born to pioneering parents at their farm adjacent to Bagrie Slough near Pine Lake. Parents William and Mary, no doubt relied on the twin's older siblings, Eileen and Bill, to help keep an eye on them.
Growing a horse powered farm while raising four children seems an overwhelming challenge by today's standards. None the less, the Bagrie kids enjoyed a busy and happy childhood, Uncle Don perhaps even more so than his brother and sisters.
He was the mischievous one, always on the lookout for something fun, and sometimes a bit dangerous, to try. Even getting to school at Antler Hill was an adventure, as now and then he and his Shetland pony "Trixie" disagreed, resulting in the occasional unscheduled dismount and hike.
As was customary at the time, school years for boys were happily few, as there was farming to do, at which he and his brother excelled, and enjoyed immensely.
Having made it through childhood with only bumps, bruises, and stories to tell his niece and nephew, Donald evolved into his older brother's steadfast business partner. The two of them strived to preserve and grow the farm that was their parents' legacy.
In addition to abundant stock handling and farming skills, Don developed the culinary prowess which kept the two of them well fed and healthy all their lives. He took as much pride in the flower gardens and the meals he faithfully prepared, as he did in the cattle and crops they produced.
Always cheerfully reliable in his daily duties, Uncle Don never missed an opportunity to add a little levity with a prank or practical joke. Quick to smile and laugh, Uncle Don loved to have fun and create fun, resulting in an abundance of happy memories for his much younger niece and nephew.
He always created the time required for us to "help" with chores, and then somehow managed to take us exploring in the coulee to experience the natural world he so loved to photograph.
Likely unknown to his adult friends was his surprising ability as an artist. We would often sit together and practice drawing, at which he was astonishingly adept, but unfortunately unrecognized. As children and adults we enjoyed Uncle Don, because in spite of his many duties and responsibilities, he was always a boy at heart.
Don will always be happily remembered as a kind, grateful, and industrious man by his nephew Wayne and his wife Karen, children Tyler and Emily (Virgil); and his niece Charlene and her husband Bill, and children, Lyle and Mckenzie.