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For Justin Trudeau, Alberta is a priority

Gary Tremblay

Gary Tremblay

Liberal Party of Canada

First, let me say I am a proud Albertan. Like so many others, I wasn’t born here, and migrated for work almost 20 years ago.

During that time, I earned a business degree and I am actually a licensed insurance broker. I have an intense interest in federal policy, especially those concerning municipalities.

I became a liberal slowly over the past decade, because of the party’s focus on social issues that impact the most number of people.

The decision to actually get involved in local politics was a difficult one. The atmosphere is very toxic.

People are told every second by the media and respective campaigns there is always a new reason to be outraged. We have to get back to looking at issues and deciding on the best candidates/party based on their record.

I am proud of the past four years of accomplishments, and I didn’t hesitate to step forward for the Liberals when asked.

During my time living in Alberta, I have seen the boom and bust go through several cycles. At no time have we seen anyone, at any level of government, address these cycles.

I have seen the federal governments ignore Alberta in the bad times and in good. For 10 years, under Stephen Harper, we saw almost no investment here.

In the past four years, Justin Trudeau made Alberta a priority. One that only comes from not being able to take the province for granted. A government that understands infrastructure is an investment and makes it a priority in times of low interest rates is good for everyone.

Instead of slowing infrastructure projects as Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has proposed, we need to accelerate the ones we have on the go and get the ball rolling on more.

These investments provide much-needed jobs and economic activity in our province when it’s needed most.

I am not sure what it would take for everyday Albertans to see how badly their trust was abused. Or how they have been taken advantage of by shortsighted conservative politicians on both the provincial and federal levels, but I won’t stop trying.

If investment in Alberta is important to you, I urge you to take another look and choose the party that has proven it is committed to actually investing here.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, we still will need to find compromise to find solutions that are best for Alberta and Canada.