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Gift of groceries leaves couple ‘speechless’

Red Deer has got to be the No. 1 place in Alberta.

On Oct. 9 at the Safeway store, my husband and I were treated to a “pay it forward” guesture.

Happiness is speechless and both of us were truly amazed by this.

First of all, I lost my hearing for an instant, as the cashier informed me why I did not have to pay for the purchase.

When the hearing returned, I became speechless and could only ask who did this.

The cashier explained that it was the “lovely angel” in front of us at the till.

Then both of us tried to figure out who it was. What was she wearing? Was she tall or short?

We could not remember much, other than I thought she was wearing something black and white.

We ran out to the parking lot, but no one seemed to be visible by a vehicle.

To this lovely angel: thank you is not enough. We want you to understand how you touched our hearts and how this gesture became euphoric and intoxicating. What a feeling.

Oct. 9 will be a day of appreciation for us, and we will certainly do the same for someone else.

You made our day.

Eleanor and Maurice Coene, Red Deer

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