Global warming movement is a massive socialist scheme

After we enjoyed the onset of winter weather on Thanksgiving weekend, it’s probably time to revisit what’s happening on the global warming front.

After we enjoyed the onset of winter weather on Thanksgiving weekend, it’s probably time to revisit what’s happening on the global warming front.

Across the American plains, various locales recorded the earliest snowfalls on record. Chicago managed to shiver through one of the coolest summers in its history.

Meanwhile, snow delayed the National League playoff series between Denver and Philadelphia, and less than an hour’s drive west of Denver, the Loveland Pass ski area had its earliest opening day on record.

Further south and west, Las Vegas area skiers will be able to strap on the boards before Halloween on the slopes of Mount Charleston, just 40 km as the crow flies from the Las Vegas Strip.

All over the Canadian and American West, record lows are making news, including the possibility of major damage to Idaho potato crops.

While it’s a bit early to announce the demise of global warming hysteria, these are but a tiny sampler of the hard reality that is gradually destroying the myth of man-made global warming.

At the centre of the entire global warming hysteria, and the single most powerful lynchpin of the UN panel on climate change, is a climate model known as the Mann Hockey Stick, named for its distinctive shape showing a supposedly sharp increase in global temperatures several decades after the onset of the industrial revolution.

The heart and soul of the Mann Hockey Stick is tree ring data, consisting of core samples of bristlecone pines from California and larch trees in Siberia.

One of the controversies that have surrounded that particular set of data is that for over a decade, the researchers behind it have consistently refused to submit their full data set for peer review.

Apparently, under increasing pressure from fellow researchers and editorial boards at scientific journals, the entire data set was released for peer review back in 2006, and the first full analyses are being made public.

That hockey stick is broke. At the same time, the debunking of a theory that has been at the heart of so much hype and hysteria, and fuelled hundreds of billions of dollars worth of useless legislation raises deep and troubling questions.

As I’ve said many times, at the heart of the global warming movement is a deep-seated hatred towards democracy, capitalism and industry.

In the tree ring data, we see strong evidence of this at work. Basically the initial researchers worked backwards from a premise and simply ignored and falsified data that didn’t fit their pre-conceived notions that man-made carbon dioxide emissions were warming the planet.

In order to get this theory to work, they had to fudge the figures so much they had to establish year 1032, in the midst of the Medieval Warm Period, as the coldest year of the last 1,000. This was a time when vineyards thrived in England.

They also had to downgrade temperature data from the Middle Ages, which was a period in which weather related crop failures were common. During this period, the Thames River routinely froze to the Thames Estuary, and glaciers across Europe’s mountain ranges expanded for over 400 years.

What should concern all of you is what went on after their study was first published.

When other climate researchers requested the original data for use in their own research, those requests were denied, even if the information was to be used in similar climate research. They would only allow their results to be cited, but not verified.

This is similar to claiming to have pictures of Bigfoot that you won’t show anyone.

As we progressed into the 21st century and it became more and more apparent to many climate researchers — we have been on a steady cooling trend since 1998 — that man-made global warming might not actually be occurring, the requests for this supposedly seminal research became more and more urgent, even as governments began to react to the well-oiled media machine that had revved up behind the Suzukis and the Gores and the UN.

When other researchers were finally given access to the complete sets of data, it was like a bomb went off in the climate research world.

In simple terms, the Mann Hockey Stick is a complete falsehood, and the global warming movement is being exposed for what it really is — a massive socialist scheme, bred and born within the corrupt halls of the UN, meant merely to confiscate wealth from Western democracies and flush it down various dictatorial money holes across the Third World.

Bill Greenwood is a local freelance columnist.

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