Letters to the editor.

Letter: Advocate pieces informative and balanced

I’ve always enjoyed the comment pages of the Advocate.

Gwynne Dyer is so sensible. The letters, so entertaining. Regarding letters published June 3, Councillor says what most people are thinking, this is nothing but opinion with no evidence to support the ‘most’ claim. ‘Most’ to most reasonable people, I believe, means ‘more than 50 per cent.’

To use a catchphrase from popular movie culture, ‘Show me the money!’

It’s good to see a counterbalanced opinion in the letter We need to do more for homeless population.

Then, to put an exclamation on the topic, on page 12 in the news section is the article Group says Medicine Hat has ended chronic homelessness, as cities eye same nationwide.

The Red Deer Advocate may be a small city paper, but it punches above it’s weight by putting ‘professionalism’ in ‘journalism.’

Kieran Lang, Red Deer