Letter: Albertans need to get vaccinated

The highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant seems to be outsmarting scores of Albertans. Through respiration – the virus spreads and becomes weaponized. How is it possible that despite the vaccine advantage in a developed nation such as ours – many Albertans and Canadians risk dying or suffering from debilitating long term health effects caused by a virus which could have been prevented simply by being inoculated with an approved vaccine?

Numerous Albertans have chosen to flagrantly ignore science and advice of healthcare experts. These people are prolonging our current provincial health crisis. It is obvious that this group does not respect the sanctity of those who desire to lead healthier lives. A rural location does not make individuals immune from contracting the illness.

The skyrocketing number of COVID-19 cases has now risen to the point where hundreds of surgeries for those in pain, afflicted by diseases or involved in tragic accidents are being cancelled. Albertans of all ages are currently losing the opportunity to be treated by our overwhelmed health care system in an expedient manner.

To add insult to injury; protesters are regularly gathering without wearing PPE making a mockery of our health care providers who continue to valiantly fight to curb the harmful effects caused by the ravaging virus. How are the protests assisting the healing process?

Would you not agree that severe outcomes and complications which occur in COVID-19 cases would be preventable if the unvaccinated would consent to being inoculated?

These are unprecedented times in Alberta – empathy and respect are obviously nonexistent.

The rallying cry to refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask is infringing upon my inherent right to remain healthy.

Brent Wesley, Red Deer