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Letter: Albertans should change the way we vote

Another election has come and gone and what will change for the electorate? I continually see the repeating of habits that get us nowhere.

Some Albertans spend their time complaining about what the “East” gets that we don’t. Paying attention to the reality of what is actually happening might allow us to see how to get out of this cycle of defeat.

I would suggest that the voters of Quebec, for example, are much more aware and knowledgeable voters. These voters figured out that by not voting the same way every time an election is called they are able to force politicians not to take their vote for granted. The East is not the enemy but instead someone we should follow.

Dissecting the election can be left to others. Blame can be given to those that deserve it. The reality does not change, people continue to see themselves only one way and until that mind set changes history will continue to repeat itself.

The definition of insanity is to repeat doing the same thing and expect a different result.

Barry Johns, Sylvan Lake