Letter: An apology would’ve saved $20K

I once read a story about a man that went to sleep one night and awoke the next morning in another world. This was brought to mind when I read the local news in brief article Red Deer Coun. Buck Buchanan enters mayor’s race in the Advocate on Aug. 28.

The article went on to say Buchanan had recently had to apologize to council for comments he made on social media earlier in the year. Now whether you agree with his views or not, surely the fact that he cost taxpayers over $20,000, not to mention the administration costs to investigate this event without any sign of repayment, and now thinks he should be the mayor, kind of boggles the mind.

When a simple apology was all that was needed to avoid this waste of time and resources, this could have been avoided, surely not too much to ask.

As leader of the city, he would be expected to interact on our behalf with the provincial government, the same government whose laws he has openly flaunted by showing his support to a friend breaking the law. Again, whether one agrees with Mr. Buchanan or not, really isn’t the point. The law is the law and as a former RCMP officer, he should have known better. We must hold our elected officials to a higher standard or we will risk losing more respect for our leaders, and that just can’t be allowed to happen.

George Croome, Red Deer