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Letter: Be responsible and get vaccinated

We have a pandemic today called COVID-19.

I ask those everywhere who won’t get vaccinated to read this and think for yourselves.

Is the information for your decision actually true or is it only “hear say?”

Wherever you get your accurate information, are those giving it qualified to give such wise advice?

When you were younger, did your parents provide you with the medical shots for the various illnesses, i.e. measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio etc. which then helped keep you safe and healthy.

Are you at this present time willing to die, or are you willing to let your loved ones die or even people you don’t know?

Those with young children, who may not have built up much immunity to illnesses, are you willing to let them die?

If you continue to resist getting vaccinated, and you end up in the hospital with COVID, then you should have to pay for your hospital stay and all related on-going treatments. Why should your treatment be paid for when you failed to prevent?

Each person should think for themselves and talk with others, judge the info as to whether it is good or bad. I hear the term “Big Brother” used a lot, Big Brother is not the enemy nor are the doctors, nurses or scientists. Stupidity and pride are the real enemies.

Those of you who think your rights are violated, which one in particular?

Be a responsible citizen and please get your COVID shots.

Stephen Edginton, Red Deer