Letter: Bias in Red Deer

Once again, Garfield Marks, is off the mark. Bias being the easy crutch to lean on when it’s not going your way, in Garfield’s world, Red Deer north is short changed. Well Red Deer north being the recipients of the newest high school in St Joe’s, the pickleball courts and of course the Dawe upgrade, I would say they are receiving their fair share.

But there is a bias. A bias in financial stewardship, economic efficiency and vision from our leaders that has been shown over the years, by more than one mayor and more than a few councilors. The current vision to keep the Aquatic Centre near downtown, is so far on the right track, and certainly carries more merit then Councilor Higham’s thinking that it needs to fit into NW Red Deer, or Garfield’s fixation being north of 11A. Yes, let’s build it in the most inconvenient place for all city residents to get to.

Unfortunately, city council has a history of changing tracks.

I see visions elsewhere like facilities in St Albert (Servus), I see partnerships in activity centers like Crescent Point Field House near Okotoks, or a Rogers Centre built downtown to revitalize. So if we want to solve multiple problems, yes, build it downtown, build a multi-purpose, multi-use facility, find partnerships and create a community hub. Sorry, but outdoor patios to sip coffee and a farmers market to buy carrots, is not going to revitalize our core. We need entertainment and activity centers to bring people into the core, not run away from it.

So let’s truly think first for the greater good of the whole, not the few. Create a practical multi-purpose vision and proceed with some financial prudence, efficiencies in scale and not cater to residential neighborhoods, or off the mark individuals.

Ryan Morcom, Red Deer