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Letter: Bravo to Quebec premier for no-vax tax

Just recently the leader of the Federal Conservatives, Erin O’Toole, said that Canadians should give a reasonable accommodation to those who are not vaccinated. This, then, is what is expected of me who has abided by all the health requirements and standards of my community.

If I should have a heart attack, need a hip or knee replacement, get a relapse of cancer or some other malady requiring hospitalization, I am forced to forego my hospital bed in lieu of someone, likely not vaccinated. I will have to concede my right to treatment because somebody who has COVID, and not vaccinated, has preempted me. This person who refused to be vaccinated, who believes he or she has that right to endanger someone by depriving them of their right to safety and medical care, is being supported by O’Toole, and has been validated and empowered.

It appears those who defy the rules and regulations have more entitlement than those who do not. This perversion of all that seems right and proper should not be allowed to persist and threaten the well-being of so many abiding citizens. Our hospitals are on the verge of collapse, our medical staff are exhausted, overworked, and succumbing to COVID: our teachers, police and ambulance personnel are now, more than ever, contracting COVID. People do not seem to be overly alarmed. Will a total collapse of these and other services have to occur before we begin to see what should have been done to protect ourselves?

Bravo to the Premier of Quebec who wants to impose a special health tax (exempting those who have a special medical condition) on those not vaccinated and needing hospitalization for COVID. I would say this might not be severe enough. It’s too bad that our premier supports the universality of health care for the few, at the expense of so many Albertans.

It’s time that those who have the power to mandate and ensure our safety stop pandering to the vocal few.

Larry Melnychuk, Red Deer