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Letter: Calkins should denounce illegal blockades

My MP Blaine Calkins posted on Facebook on Feb. 7 at 10:10 a.m. his appointment as Chief Opposition Whip. In the comments below he receives congratulations from numerous supporters. Also in the comments, he receives a video depicting Justin Trudeau as Adolf Hitler. As of Feb. 12, this deplorable video remains on his Facebook page.

Also as of today, he has not denounced the illegal blockades causing supply chain chaos, business closures and millions of dollars of economic loss. More recently on Facebook he did say “Conservatives will continue to stand up for freedom of speech, a constitutional right that the Liberals are trying to take away.” Is this veiled support for the “Freedom Convoy”?

Mr. Trudeau actually said “…he understands the increasing frustration with COVID-19 restrictions that prompted these protests in the first place. To the people who are tired of this pandemic – and that’s all Canadians – I want you to be able to get back to the things you love. I hear you, all of you.”

Is this Trudeau trying to take away freedom of speech? Or are his words an effort to express understanding and seek a peaceful resolution to an illegal blockade perpetrated by a small minority of anti-mandate dissidents? Shouldn’t Calkins be on the side of the majority of Canadians who support vaccines, health professionals and support an end to our cities and borders being held hostage by a misguided fringe?

To Calkins, I ask you to please remove the video, if it has not already.

Jim Kimmel, Lacombe

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