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Letter: Cases rising but no word from Alberta government

I can’t believe our current UCP government – what an embarrassment.

We are in the fourth wave of COVID and we have not seen a public address from Premier Jason Kenney, nor from Health Minister Shandro and only tweets with the latest stats from the chief medical officer of heath Dr. Deena Hinshaw. This is totally embarrassing for Alberta.

The other provinces have at least one official making announcements and other provinces are instituting increasing measures to try to contain the Delta variant. But not our government. Even though our rates are the highest in the country. Oh wait – they didn’t expect it. Didn’t the premier say that they didn’t plan for a fourth wave as it wouldn’t happen? I don’t know which planet he lives on but he’d better start putting our health first.

We need a responsible government so more Albertans do not needlessly die or get long term effects from COVID. Neither is good for the economy.

Claire Goertzen, Red Deer