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LtE bug

Letter: Christmas pageants during COVID

Children loved going to the malls on Halloween – all dressed up and warm. However, only one mall was open this year and only for a couple of hours. The other mall remained closed but they are open when they can make money. Who made those decisions? Go figure!

One of the highlights of a child’s life was choosing their own costume for Halloween; the excitement of getting all dressed up and parading with classmates like a congo line – through the hallways and into all of the classrooms, wearing a mask of course. Are the schools going to have the children wear their costumes to school next year? Who decides? Halloween at school was a defining moment for all of us. Why not our children and grandchildren?

Hopefully the schools are going to have Christmas pageants this year – where parents and grandparents come to watch their children sing, dance and act – with great pride.

Why couldn’t everybody come as long as they wear their masks? Families can be seated together – otherwise 6 ft. apart. We can’t let “this thing” make us stop living.

Sandra Ladwig, a Red Deer grandparent