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Letter: City councillors need to lead by example

Red Deer city councillors are exempt from COVID vaccinations. It was very disappointing to read about this exemption in the Oct 26 edition of the Advocate.

The City of Red Deer made double vaccinations necessary for all staff and volunteers.

How can an exemption be granted to paid city officials and yet volunteers be required to be vaccinated?

City councillors are hired to do the best for their community and set positive examples.

They are to interact with their community. How can we safely interact with city councillors knowing they do not need to be vaccinated?

Do they think because they are on council that they will be able to access public facilities without proof of vaccination that the rest of us must provide?

Mayor Ken Johnston quoted a statement including the phrase “when everyone works together.” I do not see this exemption as an example of working together.

Hopefully, this is not an example of this city council’s attitude assuming there are rules for the citizens of Red Deer, but a modified, relaxed set of rules for our paid city officials.

Sharon Vanin, Red Deer