Letters to the Editor

Letter: City of Red Deer should require cat licensing

My wife and I live in a quiet neighbourhood by Coronation Park.

We have a fenced yard where our three toy dogs can run and bark at everything that goes by. They are noisy, but harmless.

In our ‘hood there are at least six cats. These cats poop in our garden, kill our squirrels and songbirds and, in mating season, keep us up all night with their cat fights.

We pay $135 per year to license our dogs.

The City of Red Deer doesn’t require cat licences, it is however recommended that cats wear ID tags so owners can easily be identified.‌

Why aren’t cats licensed? It seems like the city is missing out on a pretty good revenue stream here. Now, cat lovers, don’t get me wrong. I like cats and have had many over the years. But, in fairness, shouldn’t cats be licensed just like dogs are?

Lorry Boschman, Red Deer