Letter: City vaccination policy should apply to council members

It is unfortunate that the city mandate for vaccination does not apply to city council.

Is the mayor and council not responsible for governing the city? In my mind, I see the mayor and council, to attend to the governing of the city and community.

As for the city finding themselves short staffed, for staff, being mandated to vaccines, is utter nonsense. When insurance and legal and health experts around the world taut the safety and value of vaccines, and our own province being 80 per cent vaccinated is a significant reason for the action.

If COVID vaccines were not working, how could one account for the great decrease in number of cases and hospitalizations. Due to vaccinations, we can now see again those people needing surgeries, cancer treatment being able to access the hospital care, which is so badly needed. Perhaps those anti-vaxxers who get COVID should have to pay their own hospital expenses.

Vi and Bill Pogmore, Red Deer