Letter: Don’t wait any longer to get vaccinated

For those who have not yet been vaccinated – I have one question – What are you waiting for?

I’m not going to tell you to get vaccinated, Why? Because you’ve probably heard it a thousand times.

The first variant of COVID-19 was the Alpha which was more transmittable than the original coronavirus strain that came out of Wuhan and it’s about 55 per cent deadlier.

Then came the B.l.621 or Zeta variant. Thousands were dying with that one, but the vaccinated were protected.

Then came the Delta variant that has caused millions of deaths and spreads faster than any variant so far, but the vaccinated are protected.

About the same time as the Delta the Lambda variant came but only in about 30 countries including the USA so far. Not a lot is known about it other than it is very much like the Delta (deadly), but the vaccinated are protected.

When the vaccinated and the unvaccinated get infected with Delta they have similar viral loads when tested. But the vaccinated now have their immune system alerted and send blood-borne antibodies that neutralize (kill) the virus in the nose and throat, preventing them from getting sick or dying.

The concerns of scientists is if these two variants the Delta and the Lambda combine it could be called the doomsday virus.

I’ll ask the unvaccinated again what are you waiting for? You’ve watched our seniors die or get vaccinated so they are safer. The virus started infecting people in their 30s, 40s and 50s and even younger. Are you waiting for the little babies and older children under 12 to die or our next generation to be gone?

The economy is in toilet now! Only the unvaccinated can stop this pandemic. Get vaccinated. This virus is like a drunk driver it can kill you and it can kill others. So please get vaccinated. This has gone on far too long and according to the scientists it’s getting far more dangerous and spreading like wildfire. Oops I guess I did tell you to get vaccinated, Why? Because I’m concerned and I do care, Why? Because life is precious.

Leo Leonard, Red Deer