Letter: Draft curriculum will help future Albertans

The NDP and it’s union friends are convinced that the so-called “progressives” are the bright thinkers in this world, in spite of their many failures and foolishness.

The 2000s have seen our children’s education tumbling downward in international tests. Why? Simply because “Discovery Learning” was pushed into the school curriculum and was re-packaged as “21st century learning.” Parents were told their children would learn to think critically without having to learn near as much content as before.

I believe factual content learning gives a child’s mind the best foundation for critical thinking.

The new K-6 curriculum is a good fix for the damage caused by the “progressives” – politicians, university professors, not to mention a few unwise school boards.

Thank you, Minister Adriana LaGrange for the hope you have brought to so many Alberta parents and grandparents.

Jim Swan, Red Deer