Letters to the Editor

Letter: Grade 2 too early to learn about religion

On June 22, the Advocate published Rally to support adding Hinduism to draft curriculum draws crowd article on page 8.

The article stated the Hindu community “hopes to have Hinduism taught to Grade 2 students as part of new K-6 Draft curriculum.”

My concern is to read that “Judaism, Christianity and Islam are being discussed in Grade 2.”

From my experience as a retired elementary teacher, why are any of these religions being “discussed” in Grade 2? The majority of students aged 6-8 will have absolutely no understanding of the differences of religions. Or what a religion is. They don’t even know what a province, country, continent they live in but are helped through pictures, maps, and reading. Then to “discuss” culture, religion, and another far-removed country? Leave all this to Grade 6 – most will struggle then.

Faye Hallett, Red Deer