Letter: I stand with Indigenous community

Walk softly and ponder deeply.

Weep for the young lives lost.

For aboriginal people the loss is deep. Come together and weep.

Aboriginal mother and father, sister and brother,

I too have grieved the loss of children, I understand your anger and frustration.

Words beyond proclamation.

Blood guiltiness is on our nation.

Money can’t repay this debt, and as a nation we have deep regret.

Who are we to change your mind, to say you say you must live a life like mine?

It’s barbaric and ashamed I’ve been, to be Canadian.

So down with pride, children have died.

I understand if you hate white men.

Sad to say I’m one of them.

In the crowd there will always be a bigot or two, but aboriginal brother I stand with you.

For now, I wear black at the words I’ve said, apologizing profusely for the dead.

Alysa DuMontier, Red Deer