Letter to the editor

Letter: I wear a mask to protect others

I am amazed how we have been in this pandemic for many months now and how there are so many people that act like we should not take this seriously.

I was out recently to do a few things and could not get through because on both sides of Red Deer City Hall were people protesting they did not want to wear masks.

Although we live in a country where we are able to speak freely, I wonder if any of you there that day put any thought into what you are fighting for.

Everyone that was there, can you honestly tell me that none of you have aging parents, children, or young adults that are able to fight everything off? Did you think of all the people that we call our front line workers that are fighting for people clinging on to their life, the person and their families that helps you get your needs at a store?

While you are refusing to wear a mask someone’s parent, child, spouse, sibling or close friend is fighting for their life. Is anything worth fighting against when we are talking about human life? Every life is previous and matters.

I myself only go out when I need to, I have missed many get togethers with family and friends during this ongoing pandemic.

I wear a mask to protect others, but yet not all are wearing a mask to protect myself and others.

How is that living in the way we were brought up?

As Canadians we should always respect and care for each other.

We are in this situation, because so many people are not following the rules so I am pleading with you: next time you go out, ask yourself do I really need to go out and if so please be responsible, wear a mask and keep six ft. apart.

Alicia Ojo, Red Deer