Letter: If you speed, you deserve a ticket

Doesn’t matter where the ticket comes from

Re: Photo radar continues to be a thorny issue.

At 88%, photo radar tickets are a “very high” number.

So I’m a bit confused. Someone has come up with speeds that are supposedly ‘safe’ within our communities and on our roads. Then they post signs informing us of those speeds.

So if we post speed signs for drivers to follow, and if exceeding those speeds is considered ‘breaking the law’, then why does it matter where the ticket comes from? Would everyone who gets a “photo radar” ticket be happier if a patrol car pulled them over and gave them a ticket instead?

If you are speeding, sorry, but it’s your fault and you should get a ticket.

Why do drivers feel that their own personal speed (and not the posted) limits are OK, and they do not have to obey the posted signs? Remember, if you are driving at or below the posted limits, you will not get a ticket from anyone, person or camera.

Yes, the odds of getting caught is way lower if we depend on people, cars and radar guns, rather than cameras but what is the best use of our resources. Do we still say, “Instead of pulling me over, why don’t you go and find real criminals?” Then let’s use the technology that allows our police force to focus on the other ‘more important’ issues.

You are in control of whether you get a speeding ticket, so don’t blame others when you get caught speeding. Regardless of where the ticket comes from, You were the one driving too fast. Want to drive photo radar out of Red Deer? Then slow down. No tickets equals no revenue equals no cameras.

It’s all up to you, Red Deer drivers. What are you going to do?

Keith Westfall, Red Deer

Thank you Sunnybrook Community BBQ

I wish to thank the Sunnybrook Community Association and the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church for organizing and supporting the Sunnybrook Community barbecue held on Saturday afternoon in the schoolyard of the G.W. Smith Elementary School. My wife and I enjoyed participating in the event and the food was great! The “new” location worked well.

Jeff Challoner, Red Deer

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