Letter: In favour of Standard time

Premier Jason Kenney, how in the world can you be so out of touch with “your” Albertans.

We don’t want daylight savings time year round. Who wants a sunrise at 9.30 a.m. during our long winters?

The choice you and your government gave us, was no choice at all. Why wasn’t Standard time mentioned as an option. Luckily for us the majority was smart enough to vote “no” to permanent daylight savings time. Otherwise we would be stuck with it. We just want the same time as Saskatchewan, which means sunrise in the winter between 8 and 8.30 a.m. That way our kids don’t have to stand in pitch black conditions waiting for the school bus. Our summer nights are long enough without daylight savings time.

We just don’t want to switch clocks back and forth twice a year for nothing.

Please ask your Albertans again but include standard time and explain what it means. A lot of people I asked weren’t even aware what time zone we were in in October!

Beatrix Bakker, Red Deer County