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Letter: Invest in Alberta’s health system

During these unparalleled scary times, we’ve tried to maintain our social responsibility by staying home when possible, limiting our exposure, etc. But our medical community has not had these choices. They’ve been there; are still there, caring for us. Work shifts have been extended and mandated additional shifts have been implemented. Stress leave is increased and staff shortages are experienced, all while patient population has extended beyond capacity in our hospitals.

We appreciate the hard work of our medical community and I can’t fathom any serious thought towards cutting health care. Our medical communities are burnt out and serious focus should be aimed towards expanding our hospital, expanding our nursing staff and increasing their wages. Our government should be investing in our public health care system, our nurses, and health care workers. Period. Any cuts in these areas are ludicrous.

I call on the government to invest in public health care in our province. Increase their wages, their facilities, their support systems. Our health care workers who have been working tirelessly need not only to understand our deep appreciation, but to be rewarded for their service. I don’t think anyone can truly fathom the added demands that have been placed on them during this pandemic.

Jackie Hewson, Red Deer