Letter: Keep your dogs on leash at Waskasoo Park

Waskasoo Park is a nice family area, and the walking trails along the river are perfect for dog walking.

However, recently, I had a horrific encounter. As I walked my beagle on a leash, a man with a large dog, off leash, walking while drinking his can of beer saw me. He stopped while I stood off in the bushes so he could walk by, and his dog lunged at my beagle. His dog was trying to get his jaws around my beagle’s neck while I was screaming for the man to get his dog.

When the encounter ended, the man was swearing at me, calling me dramatic, etc. This is not an off leash area, and the fact my beagle survived what could’ve been death, is not to be taken lightly. These walk ways are not for off leash aggressive dogs, accompanied by beer drinking people.

Deb Headdy, Red Deer

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