Letter: Kenney doesn’t understand our health system

Why Is Premier Jason Kenny trying to ruin the Alberta public health care system?

What does he know about our health care system or how any health care system should function? He is originally from Ontario, and not an Albertan or will he ever be one. If you look up his bio online you will see there is no record of him ever having a real employment like the average Albertan is required to – to survive.

The only thing it appears he has done is go to educational facilities in Canada and the US. Where did the financial backing come from for all the schooling, especially in CA., USA.

His political career appears to be iffy as he has bounced around in different positions without any explanation as to weather or not he did anything good in any of them?

Privatizing “our health system” is going to make it unaffordable for low income and blue collar workers. Cutting nursing jobs is going to increase the danger of having anything serious done in our hospitals because nurses are the lifeblood that keeps our hospitals safe. “Nurses are the only reason I am still alive today.”

Rod Anderson, Red Deer