Letter: Kenney fortunate to have LaGrange as education minister

Letters to the Editor

Premier Jason Kenny is fortunate to have Adriana LaGrange in his cabinet.

As Education Minister she has been and will continue to be a positive impact in this very responsible position. Her experience, intelligence and dedication and her performance so far in this key role has been 100 per cent better than in our previous government.

Her critics are so unfair in their comments with such little understanding of what she is offering. Yes, there is always room for improvement and in her fairness which she is well known for, always welcoming input and suggestions but as she so correctly points out, “she will not be bullied”

I hope she realizes how many people share her views and her commitment to education. It is a life long commitment that strengthens and encourages students of Alberta.

Surely, the Alberta Teachers’ Union can look past their egos and with sincerity work together for the betterment of Education in Alberta.

Linus and Ellen Westberg, Red Deer