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Letter: Kenney needs to stop throwing money at COVID problem

Well Jason Kenny and Tyler Shandro sorry is not enough for you declaring Alberta open for the summer and now putting all Albertans in a true crisis.

Your decision was made with total disregard of the experts at the WHO who predicted that COVID would be with us for at least another year but you two thought you were smarter. Bad decision. Now that we have to deal with the crisis you decide to throw $20 million dollars at the problem by giving people $100 incentive to get vaccinated. What a waste. And don’t take credit for the increase in vaccinations as the increase comes from the universities and colleges in the province that took a stand at having all students get vaccinated.

Why don’t we set up a tier system at hospitals where available beds are first used for patients with both shots, then patients with one shot and only if beds are then available the unvaccinated.

All unvaccinated people would have to pay the daily hospital fees for all treatment.

It seems strange to me that some people do not want to get vaccinated but they are the first to want help when they get COVID further putting our health care workers at risk or even death. This is a prime example of selfishness. Not only do you put our health care workers at risk consider all the people that require elective surgery today.

Elective surgeries should be put ahead of the unvaccinated cases at all hospitals effective immediately — now the unvaccinated wait for hospital admission instead of scheduled surgeries. I always thought that the majority rules but that sure is not the case when it comes to controlling this virus. I certainly believe in freedom of choice but the line has to be drawn when not getting vaccinated affects so many other people and the survival of our health care system and health care workers.

All over the world it has been proven that the vaccine helps control the virus and I have heard of side affects but you have to look at the percentages. It’s high time the UCP government got tougher with people that choose not to get vaccinated and quit throwing money at the problem but come up with a concrete plan.

Bill Brown, Red Deer