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Letter: Kindness goes a long way

I work at Golden Circle Seniors Resource Centre as a volunteer and program coordinator.

One of the programs we offer is grocery delivery to seniors through the Timberlands Co-op. I am writing this letter to give Nicole and the Co-op a big thank you.

Every Wednesday, Nicole calls about 50 seniors to see if they want to order groceries. If they do, she takes their order over the phone. The groceries then get picked up and delivered by volunteers on Fridays. We have a regular client who has been going through hard times and recently lost her brother.

When Nicole found this out while taking her order, she included a bouquet of flowers and a card in the client’s order to cheer her up. To say the client was touched was an understatement. I sent a thank you email to Nicole and the Co-op to show our appreciation. Nicole responded with these words, “If it’s one thing I’ve learnt from this pandemic is that kindness goes a long way! Seniors often get overlooked which is unfortunate because they were the foundation to our rights and freedoms in this country, so I enjoy and respect them dearly!”

Thanks to Nicole and the Co-op for going above and beyond and let’s all follow their example and spread some kindness!

Gail Wall, Red Deer