Letters to the Editor

Letter: Las Vegas is open

While I’m sure people have been waiting for lots of things to open up, for a large number of Albertans the best news of all is the re-opening of Las Vegas.

Our lives are oriented on a north-south axis extending from Red Deer to Arizona with the odd foray into the declining (rapidly) Duchy of California. I haven’t been east of Saskatchewan for fifty years and have no plans to halt my progress. Let me know when the next cultural freak-out occurs in Canada (won’t be long). I’ll be under a palm at one of the Mirage pools nursing a daiquiri.

Yes, it’s hot but the Americans have discovered a way to actually “condition” the air to make it seem cooler, astonishing really. What next, edible English food? Friendly Parisian shopgirls perhaps or an Oktoberfest brew that doesn’t cost $15?

The world I want to live in is two and three-quarters of an hour and an entire culture away.

Al Parama, Red Deer