Letter: Not in favour of draft K-6 curriculum

I read with utter astonishment the letter by Jim Swan in the Advocate on May 7.

It amazed me that some people think that the whole teacher’s union, the NDP, anyone that supports the NDP or the opposition education critic are each and everyone left leaning socialists. What about the school boards that rejected this curriculum?

You write about them pushing their ideology. Who is Mort Kenney and why is his name put into the proposed music curriculum?

Are you an educator, Jim? My wife has been a teacher working with every age group, children with learning disabilities, behaviour problems and everything else you can imagine, for 50 years. If she tells me that this curriculum is archaic and regressive, I am going to believe her Mr. Swan, not the education minister who is not a teacher and is part of a government that tossed out years of work by education professionals, teachers and consultants to help implement their right-wing ideology.

This is the most ideological premier in the history of this province, perhaps the country. His agenda, ideology and K-6 curriculum all belong in the pile behind the barn where my grandfather tossed the dung.

Hugh Hermary, Sylvan Lake