Letter: On government restrictions during pandemic

This letter is in response to another letter in the Advocate on July 3 written by Sheila Pierce.

I would like to offer another point of view on the same issue: government restrictions during COVID.

Pierce’s letter was in reference to an article that stated Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley feels Canada should be on a watch list for violating religious freedoms by arresting two pastors for ignoring COVID rules.

Paul, who wrote Romans, was executed for not following Roman rules. Ten of the disciples had untimely deaths for the same reason – defying the authorities. In Hebrews 10:25 Paul states that we are not to neglect gathering together. Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego refused to obey the King and were thrown into the furnace.

Hawley is right to be concerned. Ministers are called to minister to the their flocks and should be free to do. The law in some countries does not allow the preaching of God’s word, nevertheless, there are those who are led by the Spirit to defy these laws and follow what the Lord says in Mark 16:15 – to preach the gospel to all creation. It behooves us to remember that the ultimate law rests with God. Yes, we should obey the law of the land but the regulations the government has been setting up are against the law.

I am thankful that there were many during WW2 who went against the dictates of Hitler to help as many of the Jewish people as possible.

Karina Staudinger, Alix