Letter: Open minded discussions needed instead of screaming, stone throwing

Recently we’ve been subjected to the rantings of well-organized political lobbying hate groups dogging the campaign stops of the Prime Minister of Canada.

These Trump inspired bullies are trying to stop free speech, freedom of assembly, and shut down open-minded discussion of important issues to Canadians.

The screaming, horn blowing, siren sounding, shouting down, chanting, stone throwing and threatening personal attacks have no place at all in Canadian political discussions.

Open-minded reasonable discussion by honourable and decent respectful citizens of this country is what we all should appreciate and support.

Don’t be conned by their noises; these people are not patriots or rights defenders. Just the opposite. They do not respect or support the rights of anyone but their own privileged selves and they do not have any moral grounds to stand on as they ignore their roles as parents and responsible citizens.

Witness the woman carrying an infant while screaming hateful swearing shouts to attract attention to their own deviant behaviour or the man (father?) encouraging his son to throw stones at the Prime Minister of this country. I sincerely hope that the RCMP is not intimidated by these intellectual midgets and arrests those who threaten innocent people so we can engage again in deliberative, thoughtful dialogue.

Jim Gough, Red Deer