Letter: Phony conservatives don’t know how to govern Alberta

Joe Anglin has nailed it in the letter published by Advocate on Dec. 17.

The fact is these phony conservatives don’t have a clue about how to run a province properly like our hero Peter Lougheed did.

Reformers Stephen Harper, Preston Manning, Brian Jean, Danielle Smith, Jim Prentice and Andrew Scheer were all soundly defeated in elections, and Jason Kenney will be next. Yet they are still preaching the lie “Blame it on Ottawa, doctors, nurses, teachers, AISH recipients.”

They have created the lie that our oil industry is being attacked, while oilmen and oil executives tell us it’s not true.

Now we are being warned that it could cost Albertans $260 billion to clean up the orphan well mess that I was involved with prior to Klein changing the regulations to benefit his rich friends. Add that to the $150 in lost taxes, that Ralph Klein’s daughter Angie was so upset with her father about, and the $575 billion we lost thanks to the mismanagement of our oil royalties as economist Trevor Tombe of the U of C has pointed out and these phony conservatives have literally destroyed our children’s future.

What upsets the true conservatives in my world is that fact that none of these phony conservatives have had the intelligence to suggest the obvious that we should be following Lougheed example by collecting proper oil royalties, taxes, and health care premiums and running this province properly, like he did and Norway and Alaska are doing.

Alan Spiller, current Edmonton resident and former resident of Lacombe and Bashaw