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Letter: Premier needs to be lead or step aside

Our Premier Jason Kenney needs to do his job.

As we sit and listen to foolish protestors telling the majority of Albertans and Canadians that we are wrong and they are right, the virus continues to spread uncontrolled. Meanwhile, Mr. Kenney sits on the sidelines watching this unfold and does nothing.

What will it take to force him and his colleagues to act, who knows and at this point who cares? You have become irrelevant during this time of needed leadership.

You were elected by the voters of this province to do a job, which in my opinion, you have failed at miserably. It would be one thing to not agree with the approach you may have taken but to do nothing is unacceptable.

You continue to cater to the minority of the electorate because of fear. Actions based on fear is not leadership. We have seen this over and over again, as far back as the churches flaunting the law and ignoring public health orders. It’s been a mockery of laws that you allowed.

Now we watch as those, in hospitals, that are trying to do something become the target of protests, another disgraceful lack of leadership on your part.

If you can’t and won’t do your job step aside and let someone who cares about the wellbeing of all Albertans govern.

Enough is enough.

Barry Johns, Sylvan Lake