Letters to the Editor

Letter: Red Deer city council needs new blood

I see the silly season has arrived in Red Deer with a bang.

Our esteemed city council has once again realized that it’s time to show a bit of life, as the taxpayers need to be reminded to vote for the incumbents that are running in October. So what you may ask do they do ? Well bring up the Molly Banister extension of course, oh, and the fact that administration has failed once more to find a new homeless shelter site and maybe things should just stay the same whilst throwing more tax dollars into saving downtown as private entrepreneurs are forced to move.

Let’s face it, this council is dysfunctional and needs to be replaced by people with some business savvy as well as a social conscience. I believe it says a lot about a politician when they hold back on declaring their intention to seek re-election. Why is our mayor reticent in declaring her intentions?

I also advocate for term limits on all politicians, but especially at the municipal level, two terms should be long enough to be effective as it’s not supposed to be a career job. Let some new blood in, the city is changing and it’s time to move on.

George Croome, Red Deer