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Letter: Red Deer councillor said what most people are thinking

A huge thank you to councillor Vesna Higham for saying what most people in Red Deer and every taxpayer I know thinks about the shelter in the downtown.

How long are the taxpayers supposed to keep throwing money at this and getting the same results. Isn’t the definition of insanity? I would actually pay for a ticket a little further, east Vancouver where they welcome the people with drug addictions and have all the support programs for them.

The taxpayers in Edmonton provided the homeless with a nice new, clean, warm place for the homeless this past winter (convention centre) and how were they repaid? They wrecked the building by smashing windows and the bathrooms and a huge mess to clean up. That’s gratitude.

Maybe the people that are so concerned about keeping people with drug addictions in Red Deer could help solve the problem by each taking three or four of these citizens home to live with them.

We need more people like Higham and business people on council, I certainly know who I am going to vote for.

Robin Larsen, Red Deer